3D PDF and 3D HTML Work Instructions

3D PDF and 3D HTML Work Instructions

Quickly and easily create 100% native, free to view, animated 3D PDF and 3D HTML based visual work instructions and other other manufacturing documents.

Anark Core

3D PDF and 3D HTML Work Instructions
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Anark Core provides numerous features to quickly and easily create 100% native, animated 3D PDF and 3D HTML visual work instructions that can be viewed by anyone using the Free Adobe Reader or a modern, standards-compliant web browser without the use of proprietary plug-ins or viewers.

Anark Core is unique in it's ability to aggregate, combine, and publish 3D CAD and textual content sourced from the filesystem, or PDM/PLM, MES, SAP, SQL business databases. In addition, Anark Core creates "recipes" that contain all the import, authentication, simplification, optimization, animation, and publishing process steps that were performed to publish the visual work instruction document. Anark Core recipes enable the automatic regeneration of up-to-date documentation whenever the source data changes.

The Anark Core Advantage

  • Transform geometry from PDM/PLM systems or from a file directory
  • Import data from Microsoft Excel, SQL, ERP, SCM, MES, or other enterprise databases
  • Simplify and tessellate 3D CAD geometry
  • Create animation sequences for each work step instruction
  • Dramatically reduce file size, model complexity, and polygon count
  • Add annotations and 3D views
  • Export geometry to popular 3D CAD formats
  • Export bitmaps into GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF formats
  • Publish geometry and other enterprise data to interactive 3D PDF documents
  • Automatically regenerate up-to-date documents whenever source data changes

Production proven: Anark knowledge, technology, and delivery


Anark has a proven track record of providing domain knowledge and solutions to customer problems and business objectives for 3D application deployment throughout the Enterprise.


Advanced 3D authoring, delivery, and data management tools and technology combined with "best of breed" industry standard products and solutions. Anark's marketing visualization solutions provide a cost effective bridge between 3D CAD data and web-based, application-based, and Adobe Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle solutions to provide extended 3D PDF features and capabilities including document distribution, tracking, and digital rights management.


Unrivaled track record for delivering successful 3D visualization & PLM solutions for the industry's most demanding and innovative customers.

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