VR, Visualization, and Layout and Planning

VR, Visualization, and Layout and Planning

Quickly and easily convert, simplify, and optimize complex 3D CAD assemblies for use in a wide variety of virtual reality, visualization, and layout and planning applications.

Drastically Reduce Time to Prototype

Creating detailed and realistic models for use in real-time modeling, simulation, and training applications like WorldViz Vizard is a costly, labor-intensive process--especially when CAD designs or model geometry change. The Anark Core Platform is the perfect tool for quickly simplifying and converting CAD data into lightweight mesh models. Unlike conventional tools and workflows, Anark Core automates the process of creating lightweight models, and has been shown to reduce the time to prepare 3D CAD models for visualization by a factor of 20 to 1.

Bridge the gap between MCAD and AEC

Anark Core's ability to import a broad array of mechanical CAD files and then export native Autodesk® DWG format provides a valuable bridge between mechanical CAD and AEC products and solutions. Anark Core is the most cost-effective solution for organizations that want to dramatically cut costs associated with recreating or converting products designed with MCAD software for use in AEC applications like Autodesk® Revit, Bentley MicroStation, 20-20 Technologies Cap Studio™, and others.

Automatically convert your JT assets into COLLADA

If your company creates JT files, Anark Core is the perfect solution for use cases that require a specialized lightweight mesh representation. Anark Core supports hole removal on B-rep based JT models and is the perfect solution to quickly and easily simplify and optimize complex, heavy, JT assemblies into lightweight derivatives that will always remain "in-sync" with design changes. For automated JT file processing, Anark Core can interface directly to the PDM system to simplify and export mesh models for use in applications that require lightweight geometry.

  • WorldViz Vizard
  • Analytical Graphics Inc. STK (Satellite Toolkit)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and Softimage
  • Google SketchUp

Anark Core: Automated CAD simplification

VR, Visualization, and Layout and Planning VR, Visualization, and Layout and Planning VR, Visualization, and Layout and Planning

Anark Core significantly reduces the time and cost associated with 3D CAD file simplification and preparation by recording all CAD transformation steps into "recipes" that can be automatically reapplied to CAD assemblies and models when design changes are submitted. Recording CAD model preparation and simplification tasks "captures the knowledge" and enables reapplication of these steps at any time, resulting in the elimination of unnecessary manual model rework and provides a predictable, efficient and error free business process.

Production proven: Anark knowledge, technology, and delivery


Anark has a proven track record of providing domain knowledge and solutions to customer problems and business objectives for 3D application deployment throughout the Enterprise.


Advanced 3D authoring, delivery, and data management tools and technology combined with "best of breed" industry standard products and solutions. Anark's marketing visualization solutions provide a cost effective bridge between 3D CAD data and web-based, application-based, and Adobe Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle solutions to provide extended 3D PDF features and capabilities including document distribution, tracking, and digital rights management.


Unrivaled track record for delivering successful 3D visualization & PLM solutions for the industry's most demanding and innovative customers.

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