S1000D, DITA, and Technical Publications

S1000D, DITA, and Technical Publications

Create 3D PDF S1000D procedural IETM's, and 2D and 3D graphic assets for use in technical publications.

Anark Core 4

The Anark Core Platform is a 3D CAD simplification, authoring, and publishing platform that allows users to bring together product design, manufacturing, and support data to publish light-weight 3D PDF illustration assets for use in S1000D and DITA-based publishing. Anark Core's "recipe-driven" authoring capabilities provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for creating and maintaining interactive, animated 3D PDF illustration assets for use in IETM/IETP.

  • Anark Core Workstation is a powerful, easy-to-use authoring tool created purpose-built for individuals with little or no CAD experience to repurpose 3D product data and other non-3D enterprise data, for a variety of use-cases throughout the extended manufacturing enterprise. For IETM/IETP published from S1000D and DITA-based systems, Anark Core Workstation allows a user to easily combine lightweight 3D CAD models, procedural and process data, together with custom animations and annotations into lightweight 3D PDF illustration assets.
  • Anark Core Server regenerates and publishes documents that were authored in Anark Core Workstation through “recipe-based” automation—automatically incorporating the latest product design, manufacturing, and product support data into fit-for-purpose documents suitable for publication and distribution. For S1000D and DITA-based publishing, Anark Core Server can take much of the cost out of maintaining interactive 3D PDF illustration assets, allowing IETM/IETP to remain synchronized with the engineering, manufacturing, and support data on which they depend.

Map Content to PDF Templates with Anark Core

S1000D Diagram

3D PDF Technical Publication Created with Anark Core


Anark Core 4 Key Capabilities

  • Create animation sequences illustrating assembly or disassembly processes.
  • Import procedural data modules or work-step information from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Export GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF images created from custom views.
  • Process and simplify large, complex 3D CAD assemblies using Anark Core on 64bit Microsoft operating systems.
  • Automatically regenerate technical documents with up-to-date product geometry or instructional content whenever source data changes.

Production proven: Anark knowledge, technology, and delivery


Anark has a proven track record of providing domain knowledge and solutions to customer problems and business objectives for 3D application deployment throughout the Enterprise.


Advanced 3D authoring, delivery, and data management tools and technology combined with "best of breed" industry standard products and solutions. Anark's marketing visualization solutions provide a cost effective bridge between 3D CAD data and web-based, application-based, and Adobe Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle solutions to provide extended 3D PDF features and capabilities including document distribution, tracking, and digital rights management.


Unrivaled track record for delivering successful 3D visualization & PLM solutions for the industry's most demanding and innovative customers.

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