Visual Collaboration Solutions

Publish and Host Multi-Data Content for the Knowledge Worker

Knowledge workers in the enterprise need to access multiple authoritative engineering and manufacturing databases using a variety of processes to perform their role. Instead of saddling users with complex client tools and processes, implement multi-data publishing with Anark Core. Bring together the engineering and technical data that knowledge workers need for their role, without the need for complex and expensive PLM or ERP client licenses.

Supports Any Engineering Data including 3D MBD

Anark Core and MBEWeb can publish and host PDF and HTML5 content that includes all types of engineering data: 2D drawings, 3D CAD (with or without advanced MBD), tabular data such as parts lists, manufacturing notes, and enterprise attributes - transformed and published with customizable, role-and-use-case-specific templates.

Solutions for the Extended Enterprise

  • Engineering - Design Content for Manufacturing and the Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain – TDP Packaging, Collaboration
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturing Process for MES
  • Quality - Quality Process for AS9102 and PPAP
  • Field Service/IIOT - Field Service Process with IIOT Analytics Data

Anark Solution Benefits:

  • More effective procurement processes yielding increased supplier participation
  • Improved collaboration within the extended enterprise
  • Reduced manufacturing setup and execution costs
  • Higher quality manufacturing to design specifications
  • Less scrap, rework and material waste
  • Reduced license costs, with fewer expensive PLM and ERP licenses required for knowledge workers