Anark 3D MBE & Visual Communication Solutions

Anark provides highly effective engineering and manufacturing software solutions for the industry's most innovative manufacturers embracing the power and efficiency of 3D Model Based Enterprise (MBE) and Visual Communication practices and technologies.

Anark helps market leaders such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, NASA, General Electric, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Tyco Connectivity and the US Department of Defense successfully unlock the potential of their 3D product data and manufacturing information to improve and accelerate product development, reduce material waste, and to collaborate and communicate more effectively and securely throughout the enterprise and extended supply chain.

Anark's 3D MBE and Visual Communication solutions focus on four (4) critical operational areas within the enterprise and supply-chain:

  • Engineering - Release and Publishing Automation
  • Manufacturing – Process Planning and Execution
  • Quality Inspection - Planning and Execution
  • Supplier – Procurement and Collaboration
Anark 3D MBE & Visual Communication Solutions
3D MBD Technical Data, Assembly Release Docs, Assembly Illustrations

3D MBD Technical Data
Assembly Release Docs
Assembly Illustrations

3D Process Plans, 3D Work Instructions, EBOM to MBOM Alignment

3D Process Plans
3D Work Instructions
EBOM to MBOM Alignment

Bill of Characteristics, First Article Inpsection, Quality Inspection Plans

Bill of Characteristics
First Article Inpsection
Quality Inspection Plans

3D Request for Quotes, Supplier Collaboration, Engineering Change

3D Request for Quotes
Supplier Collaboration
Engineering Change

Cost Reductions

Anark's customers report that deploying effective 3D MBE and Visual Communication solutions in these key areas results in as much as 30% reduction in Engineering Overhead, 20% reduction in manufacturing and supplier rework and 50% improvement in supplier response times.

Additional Anark Solution Benefits:

  • Reduced manufacturing setup and execution costs
  • Improved enterprise wide collaboration
  • Higher quality manufacturing to design specifications
  • Less scrap, rework and material waste
  • Real-time engineering change to manufacturing process update
  • Increased supplier base means less expensive supplier bids
  • Faster, more effective and secure supply chain collaboration
  • Reduced supplier scrap and rework
  • Improved supplier response times
  • Automatic supplier updates on engineering and manufacturing revisions

Resulting in Accelerated time to market, with higher quality, and at lower costs