Anark Core for publishing technical content for knowledge workers across the extended enterprise.

Anark Core

Publish Technical Content for the Extended Enterprise

  • Allows engineering, manufacturing, and procurement to publish technical content for distribution to knowledge workers across the extended enterprise and supply chain.
  • Authoritative data may be published as PDF files or HTML5 web content hosted in MBEWeb, incorporating up-to-date information from PLM, ERP, and other critical data sources.
Anark Core

Provide Cost-Effective Access to Critical Product and Process Information

With Anark Core, knowledge workers within the extended enterprise can more effectively leverage their company's investments in PLM and ERP by publishing fit-for-purpose technical content from authoritative repositories. Product data such as 3D CAD with MBD, 2D drawings, and tabular data such as parts lists, notes, product requirements, and field service data, together with attribute data from a variety of data sources, can be transformed and published into fit-for-purpose content for engineering release, supply chain collaboration, manufacturing process, inspection process, and field service/IIOT use cases.

Engineering Release

  • 2D and 3D MBE design definition
  • Parts list and rev history
  • Manufacturing notes, and more

Supply Chain

  • TDP complete product definition
  • Supports all product data
  • Collaboration with suppliers

Manufacturing Process

  • 2D and 3D design with bill of process
  • Supports PMI
  • Accessible via mobile devices

Quality Process

  • AS9102 and PPAP processes
  • System and component-level requirements
  • Inspection and feedback

Publish HTML5 and 3D PDF Content

Publish content as W3C-compliant HTML5 with WebGL for use with web browsers on the desktop and mobile devices, or ISO-standard 3D PDF for use with Adobe Reader. PLM/CAD, ERP, and other enterprise data can be transformed into interactive web content such as 2D drawing content, 3D MBE dimensional part and assembly designs, technical data packages (TDP) for the supply chain, manufacturing process content with sequence information, quality content with interactive bill of characteristics, and much more, allowing the extended enterprise to better communicate critical product and process information.

Anark Core Anark Core Anark Core

Recipe-and-Template-Based Publishing Automation

With Anark Core Workstation, subject matter experts can create Anark Core "recipes" that describe how the imported data is to be transformed and published as HTML5 content or PDF. Recipes created with Anark Core Workstation can be deployed to Anark Core Server for fully automated publishing, driven by PLM or other workflow engines. Content published with Anark Core provides the knowledge worker the power of a custom application with the flexibility and simplicity of template-based content, featuring data presentation and interactive functionality that may be entirely customized by the customer.

Anark Core