Upcoming Events

MBE Summit at the National Institute of Standards (NIST)

April 1-4, 2019 in Gaithersburg, MD

Anark has been a supporter of the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Summit hosted by NIST since its inception. The purpose of this event is to identify challenges, research, implementation issues, and lessons learned in manufacturing and quality assurance where a digital three-dimensional (3D) model of the product serves as the authoritative information source for all activities in the product's lifecycle.

The theme of the MBE Summit 2019 is Democratizing the Implementation of MBE. The model-based community has moved beyond the question of "why is MBE important??" to "how do we deploy MBE?". Anark has been involved in deploying MBE solutions enabling the replacement of traditional 2D drawings for more than a decade and continue to empower the creation of 3D PDF Technical Data Packages as defined by the ASME Y14 series of standards. 3D PDF examples developed with Anark's platform are included in the MIL-STD-31000B release specifications.

Anark will also showcase the power of modern Intelligent Information Management (IIM) & Visual Collaboration approaches deployed by customers as a prime example of “Democratizing the Implementation of MBE”. This spans organizational and MBE content boundaries to include legacy data, modern MCAD formats, documents, ECAD, and other data to be demonstrated Thursday April 4th during Anark's scheduled technical demonstration session in the Red Auditorium. The Anark team will be on hand all week to demonstrate the latest Anark product capabilities that empower our customers to successfully drive their connected, collaborative, information-rich Digital Thread and Model Based Enterprise initiatives.

MBESummit 2019 Agenda >>
MBESummit 2018 Award-Winning NAVAIR PMA-261 3D Digital Transformation Project >>

ProSTEP iViP Symposium

April 8-10, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany

Anark is proud to sponsor the ProSTEP iViP Symposium in Stuttgart, Germany as new members of the ProSTEP iViP Consortium. We are with over 700 executives and experts from America, Asia and Europe attending one of world’s biggest neutral PLM conferences to discuss discrete manufacturing solutions and experiences relevant for the digital transformation of products and processes.

The theme of ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2019 is "Collaboration in the Age of Smart Products and Services” and the Anark team is excited to showcase the power of modern Intelligent Information Management (IIM) + Activity-Based Technical and Visual Collaboration approaches deployed by Anark's customers who are actively "Democratizing the Implementation of MBE" as a critical component to their overall Digital Thread strategies.

Anark is also spending the week with our partner :em engineering methods AG (:em AG), a leading provider of PLM technologies and Model Based Enterprise strategies. :em AG is a strategic reseller, implementation, and support partner for Anark products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and an Anark Marketing Agent for all of Europe. In the Model-Based Definition Track, Stefan Gatersleben of Schaeffler Technologies AG and Dr. Sven Kleiner of :em AG will be presenting a session entitled “3D/Digital Master and Enterprise Content Management as backbone for the Digital Agenda at SCHAEFFLER”.

ProSTEP iViP Symposium >>
Anark and :em engineering methods AG Partnership >>

Zuken Innovation World 2019

April 15-17, 2019 in Hilton Head Island, SC

Anark is a proud sponsor of Zuken Innovation World Americas 2019 (ZIW) and excited to engage this community as part of Zuken's series of annual conferences taking place around the globe. These conferences bring together Zuken customers, partners and industry professionals for networking, learning, and sharing of innovative ideas.

Stephen Collins, Chief Executive Officer at Anark Corporation, will provide the Keynote for ZIW and will speak on "Digital Transformation and the Digital Thread", explaining the benefits of a connected, collaborative, information-rich digital thread spanning the product life cycle, along with the challenges associated with its implementation. This presentation will illustrate how digitalization of different phases of the product life cycle can offer new efficiencies not available in a document-based development process.

Anark is also providing a sponsor presentation entitled “Anark Intelligent Information Management - Empowering a Connected and Collaborative Digital Thread”. This session will talk about how the Zuken-Anark partnership will accelerate the Zuken community’s ability to execute an End-to-End Digital Engineering strategy. Anark will be demonstrating the power of Anark's Intelligent Information Management (IIM) + Activity-Based Technical and Visual Collaboration capabilities that are successfully powering the Digital Thread and Model Based Enterprise visions of industry leaders such as Boeing, GE, Cisco, Lockheed Martin, TE Connectivity, Rolls Royce, Hydro Quebec, Ericsson, and the US DoD.

Zuken Innovation World 2019 >>

In Spring 2019, Anark will also be participating and sponsoring the Purdue Digital Enterprise Center Meetings, PTC NOPUG in Cleveland, Realize Live, PTC LiveWorx along with the PTCUSER meetings. This will be updated shortly.


Past Events and Webinars

Oracle Modern Business Experience 2019 - Supply Chain

March 2019 in Las Vegas

Anark was excited to return to Oracle Modern Business Experience (MBX) 2019 to showcase how Intelligent Information Management + Activity-Based Technical and Visual Collaboration helps Oracle SCM Cloud users to easily transform, publish, and manage critical CAD, PLM and ERP data as role-specific technical content & connected digital workflows that can be consumed on virtually any desktop, mobile or wearable device throughout manufacturing, supply-chain, and field service operations.

At MBX there was an excellent presentation by Cohu, Inc. and Inspirage outlining the “One Cohu” digital transformation vision and journey. Anark is proud to be a part of this team and please contact us for more details

Going back to the the 2018 Oracle event, Benny Yap, Supply Chain Operations Senior Technical Leader at Cisco, gave an excellent presentation how Cisco's Digital-Supply-Chain strategy is transforming and streamlining its digital product release process with Anark automated 3D TDP publishing to deliver detailed design intent and other critical data to their supply chain organization and manufacturing partners. This video is available below.

Cisco's Model Based Enterprise Journey to a Digital Supply Chain >>
Oracle Modern Business Experience 2019 >>

NSRP All-Panel Meetings

March 2019 in Charleston, SC

Anark as an active participant in the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) Advanced Shipbuilding Enterprise engaged at the All Panel meetings March 2019. NSRP is the primary organization for information on reducing acquisition and total ownership costs of naval ships while enhancing the competitiveness of the U.S. shipbuilding industry. NSRP is a collaboration of industry and government that provides a public forum for networking, technology transfer and discussion of current Navy and industry areas of interest.

Anark has been supporting the NSRP Digital Shipbuilding activities working directly with shipbuilders and government to implement and deploy highly effective Intelligent Information Management & Visual Collaboration publishing solutions using Anark Core and MBEWeb to generate fit-for-purpose 3D PDF documents and HTML5 based technical content.

NSRP All Panel 2019 >>
NSRP Advanced Shipbuilding Enterprise >>

COE - COExperience and Leaders' Summit 2019

February 2019 in New Orleans, LA

Anark returned to the 2019 COExperience as a sponsor where attendees were be able to understand more about how Anark’s Intelligent Information Management platform, with activity-based visual collaboration, empowers 3DEXPERIENCE users to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely across the Digital Thread.

As the primary sponsor of the COExperience Manufacturing Track, Anark presented the session: Technical Enterprise Content Management & Visual Collaboration – Empowering Manufacturers to Deploy a Connected, Collaborative, Information-Rich Digital Enterprise.

COE also held a first ever Leaders’ Summit as a two day program for executives and those in leadership roles alongside the COExperience user tracks. The Leaders’ Summit included special programming for transformation leaders and decision-makers of COE member organization. Anark’s Co-Founder and CEO Stephen Collins presented: Opportunities & Obstacles: Creating a Connected and Collaborative Digital Enterprise.

Past presentations of interest for the Dassault Systems Community also include:

Award-Winning NAVAIR PMA-261 3D Digital Transformation Project >>
Hydro-Québec 3D PDF as an Alternative to Traditional 2D Drawings >>

PTCUSER Technical Community Winter Open Forum 2019

January 2019 in Charleston, SC

Anark was a Gold level sponsor of the PTCUSER Technical Community Winter Open Forum where our team enjoyed the engagement with this vibrant community discussing how Anark Core and MBEWeb can transform their Creo, Windchill and other critical CAD, PLM, ERP and IOT data into fit-for-purpose, MBE-Enabled 3D PDF and HTML5 based technical content to power a connected and visually collaborative Digital Thread. Anark continues to support the PTC community via technical working groups and Anark will sponsor LiveWorx and support the PTCUSER meetings in June 2019.

Anark LiveWork Blog >>

PTCUSER Community >>

Defense Manufacturing Conference 2018

December 2018 in Nashville, TN

Anark attended the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) and was able to show how Anark’s visual collaboration and MBE publishing software is enabling US defense industry leaders such as the US Army, US Navy, US Airforce, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Honeywell, Draper, General Dynamics and more to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely by combining PLM and ERP data to generate role-specific engineering release, supply chain, manufacturing, inspection and field service content for use throughout the extended enterprise and supply chain.

Anark also joined our industry and government project partners to present the Award-Winning NAVAIR PMA-261 3D Digital Transformation Project , and we look forward to continuing our support of the U.S. DOD as they expand their Model Based Enterprise initiatives.

Defense Manufacturing Conference >>

Anark a Signature Sponsor of 3DCIC 2018

October 2018 in Golden, CO

Anark again sponsored the 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress 2018 in Golden, Colorado which is very close to Anark's world headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. The Anark team demonstrated how its automated technical content management (ECM) and visual collaboration platform empower knowledge workers along the Digital Thread to communicate and actively collaborate more effectively and securely throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply-chain and field service operations.

Anark CEO and Co-Founder, Stephen Collins, presented an overview Technical Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & The Connected, Collaborative, Information-Rich Digital Enterprise, where he outlined how modern technical ECM and activity-based visual collaboration powers the Digital Transformation initiatives of leading global OEMs and their suppliers, enabling them to come to market faster, with higher quality products, at substantially reduced costs.

Anark was also excited to have several of its most innovative customers sharing their successful MBE-enabled Digital Thread initiatives. These are innovative, forward-looking manufacturers that are embracing Digital Transformation strategies built upon modern, secure, and collaborative Digital Thread, Digital Twin, and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) processes and solutions.

3D CIC 2018 Event >>

Siemens PLM Detroit Regional User Group Meetings 2018

October 2018 in Troy, MI

As a Siemens PLM Solutions Partner, Anark continued the support of the Siemens PLM Automotive community by sponsoring the largest Regional User Group meeting in the U.S.

Anark’s visual collaboration and MBE publishing software is enabling automotive manufacturers to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely by combining PLM and ERP data to generate role-specific engineering release, supply chain, manufacturing, inspection and field service content for use throughout the extended enterprise.

Attendees were able to see the latest features and capabilities of Anark Core and MBEWeb, including how these products seamlessly integrate with Siemens PLM products such as Teamcenter, NX, and JT.

Siemens PLM Detroit RUG 2018 >>

Global Product Data Interoperability Summit 2018

September 2018 in Phoenix, AZ

Anark again sponsored and present at GPDIS 2018 where we discussed the latest advances in technical data sharing, 3D MBE publishing, and visual collaboration as powerful processes and technologies that empower more effective, efficient, and secure collaboration throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and field service operations.

GPDIS functions as a communications hub for industry principals to foster knowledge through the exchange of ideas, solutions, and methods. It also builds consensus for tool and process standards in the industry.

Anark will be partnering with ITI to present the Award-Winning NAVAIR PMA-261 3D Digital Transformation Project , and we look forward to supporting the industrial GPDIS representative companies of Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Parker Aerospace.

Anark GPDIS Presentation Technical Enterprise Content Management & Visual Collaboration >>

PTC LiveWorx 2018

June 2018 in Boston, MA

Anark was again a Showcase Sponsor of LiveWorx 2018 and the PTC/USER Technical Meetings held the same week in Boston where we educated PTC users and Anark partners on deploying Anark Core and MBEWeb to achieve their vision of a connected and visually collaborative Digital-Thread.

Anark demonstrated a prototype ThingWorx Navigate Technical Data Package (TDP) applications this week. When released, these applications will empower PTC customers to extend the capability and value of Navigate by easily enabling tighter integration with their supply chains, providing secure and connected data sharing, powerful “social-media style” collaboration and commenting, markup, complete traceability, and support for a broad array of technical content, including content with high-fidelity MBD data.

The prototype ThingWorx Navigate TDP applications were also featured during "How to Go from Red To Green In Digital Transformation Projects: A ThingWorx Navigate Roadmap" as presented by Graham Birch, PTC Senior Director of Solution Management.

If you missed these events, please contact Anark for a personal demonstration of Anark Core and MBEWeb along with the Anark ThingWorx Navigate TDP Applications.

Anark ThingWorx Navigate TDP Applications Video >>

Anark LiveWorx 2018 Blog – CEO Stephen Collins >>

Siemens PLM Connection Americas Conference 2018

June 2018 in Phoenix, AZ

Anark was a Deluxe Sponsor of the Siemens PLM Connection Americas event. In addition to providing "real-world" examples of how Anark's customers are successfully achieving their vision of a connected and visually collaborative Digital Thread, attendees were able to see first-hand the latest capabilities, including how Anark Core and MBEWeb integrate seamlessly with Siemens PLM products such as Teamcenter, NX, JT, and SolidEdge.

Anark also supported Brenton Moland, Model Based Enterprise - Product Owner at United Launch Alliance (ULA) as he presented "Teamcenter, NX and Anark Core Automated MBE TDP Creation” where he outlined the overall technical implementation of Anark Core with NX and Teamcenter at ULA.

Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2018 Presentations >>

Siemens PLM Connections 2016 Video "The GE Aviation MBE Journey” >>

General Motors Innovation Exposition

May 2018 in Austin, TX

Anark showcased its industry leading technical content publishing and visual collaboration software at the General Motors Innovation Exposition in Austin, TX. This event, known as the "GM Geek Week", is a stage for technology companies and software vendors to communicate their latest breakthroughs and disruptions to the IT and business transformation leaders throughout General Motors.

GM has a number of future Innovation Expo events including the yearly event at the General Motors Global Technical Center in Michigan that Anark plans to support.

General Motors >>

U.S. DOD/NIST/Industry 3Di PDF TDP Workshop

January 2018 at The National Institute of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD

Anark supported this joint workshop by DOD/NIST and industry and presented how our visual collaboration and MBE publishing software enables U.S. Defense industry leaders such as the US Army, US Navy, US Airforce, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Honeywell, and General Dynamics to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely through the generation of role-specific engineering release, supply chain, manufacturing, inspection and field service/IOT 3D PDF based Technical Data Package documents.

Anark solutions have enabled the replacement of traditional 2D engineering drawings as the core of technical data packages defined by MIL-STD-31000 and the ASME Y14 series of standards. The DOD is releasing a new revision to MIL-STD-31000 Technical Data Packages, which will formally include 3D Intelligent (3Di) PDF technical data as a more capable option than 2D drawings. This is part of an overarching effort by the U.S.DOD to transform to a modern technical data infrastructure based on 3Di PDF and Model Based Design (MBD) approaches.

NIST Digital Thread for Smart Manufacturing >>

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Quality Summit 2017

September 2017 in Novi, MI

As an active member of the AIAG, Anark participated in the 2017 Quality Summit under the slogan of:

"Are you ready to Build the Future of Automotive Quality".

The mandate of the AIAG Quality, Model Based Enterprise working group is to focus on the effective use of virtual models to significantly promote reuse, improve design efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality across the extended enterprise. The inclusion of complete definition of the product into the 3D design is called Model Based Definition (MBD), and the use of these models throughout the extended enterprise is called Model Based Enterprise (MBE). Anark has been a trusted advisor to AIAG members as the industry leading provider of visual collaboration and MBE publishing software enables the automotive industry to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely.

AIAG Automotive Quality Initiatives >>

DMDII Technology Showcase and Supply Chain Project Call Workshop

July 2017 in Chicago, IL

Anark is a proud member of Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), and as an active participant of a Rolls-Royce led DMDII project, we presented our industry leading 3DPDF and MBEWeb HTML5 based Model Based Enterprise (MBE) publishing and collaboration capabilities as part of the closeout presentation for the project entitled:

“Supply Chain MBE/TDP Improvement: A framework to
accelerate the maturation of MBD methodology”

Anark looks forward to our continued partnership with leading manufacturing organizations and enabling the DMDII goal of empowering the many small and medium size companies that define the foundation of the U.S. manufacturing base.

DMDII Technology Showcase Event 2017 >>

See the Anark DMDII Project Video >>

The Power of 3D Model Based Manufacturing Process Planning and Work Instructions Webinar

April 2016

Leading enterprise manufacturers and suppliers are migrating away from traditional engineering drawings and paper based documents to communicate design intent and manufacturing processes, and are instead embracing more efficient and cost effective 3D model based practices.

The vision of the “Model Based Enterprise” is now gaining momentum across all major industry segments, and manufacturers are implementing model-based practices and technologies to drive greater efficiency and improved quality in their manufacturing operations.

Learn how leading OEMs and Suppliers working with Anark are benefitting by taking a "Model Based Enterprise" approach to transform their manufacturing operations.

Watch Now >>

Surviving OEM Supply-Chain Mandates Webinar

January 2016

Knowledge workers in the enterprise need to access multiple authoritative engineering and manufacturing databases using a variety of processes to perform their role. Instead of saddling users with complex client tools and processes, this webinar explains how customers implement multi-data publishing with Anark Core. Bring together the engineering and technical data that knowledge workers need for their role, without the need for complex and expensive PLM or ERP client licenses.

Global OEM mandates, Innovation from non-traditional sources, increasing product complexity, growing supplier responsibility for quality and continuous, unrelenting pressures to reduce program cost are impacting suppliers like never before. Leading suppliers are fighting back with 3D Model-Based Enterprise strategies. What are these firms doing and how does your company measure up to the leaders? The MBE Supply Chain connection is a universal challenge in Automotive, Aerospace and more. In this webinar we draw some examples from Automotive, but understand the discussion and the underlying tools discussed apply to all supply chain challenges.

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