Anark Media Client

Deploy lightweight, interactive, 3D-visualization applications

Anark Media Client enables companies and service providers to deploy engaging, realistic, interactive 3D applications to virtually any desktop or notebook PC. Anark Media Client renders 3D, 2D, video, and text in real time with full user interactivity and responsive animations. Anark Media Client supports a wide variety of distribution options, including CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, hard drive, and kiosks.

Anark's real-time viewing technology combines the best of today’s multimedia capabilities with our patented, layered interactive 3D rendering technology—providing companies with the means to accurately represent products, processes, and other visualizations with high-quality, realistic graphics. Anark Media Client software is included with Anark Media Studio.

Key Features

  • Realistic, interactive 3D graphics with patented, layered-rendering technology
  • Reduced file sizes for fast delivery over networks
  • Secure file delivery over HTTPS
  • Opaque file formats with bit-compressed, binary data to hide intellectual property
  • Support for a wide variety computer configurations with DirectX, OpenGL and Software rendering
  • Applications are viewable by most computer users

Deploy Powerful, Enterprise-Class 3D Applications

The Anark Media SDK extends the capabilities of Anark Media Client with advanced features for enterprise applications. Anark Media SDK provides powerful tools for integrating with n-tier service-oriented architectures, embedded applications, LMS/LCMS integration, and corporate hosting.  For information about the pricing for enterprises, service providers, and value-added resellers, contact an Anark Solution Specialist.

  • Integrate with XML web services, allowing access to enterprise SOA infrastructure and databases
  • Dynamic runtime loading of 3D components for large-scale 3D applications
  • Integrate with existing and custom ActiveX container applications, allowing data to be exchanged with host applications
  • Integrate with LMS/LCMS systems for SCORM 2004 conformant applications
  • Create custom network installers for Anark Media Client for hosting within secure enterprise networks

Anark Media SDK Advanced Capabilities

The advanced capabilities of Anark Media SDK enable organizations to greatly extend the use of product data and 3D geometry throughout the enterprise for a variety of usage scenarios. High-fidelity 3D applications can be constructed to automate a number of cost and labor intensive processes—saving time, reducing costs, improving customer communication, and heightening brand awareness. Solutions that can benefit from Anark Media SDK include:

  • Rule-driven, product-configuration applications with customer selection of product options and integration with ERP systems for BOM management
  • Integration of 3D graphics into part procurement systems for online catalogs
  • Interactive 3D training applications seamlessly integrated into LMS/LCMS with full SCORM 2004 conformance
  • Construction of complex visual simulations that respond to external DAQ sources or varying simulation data