OEM Mandates Webinar

Surviving OEM Supply Chain Mandates

An Anark and ConnectPress webinar from Wednesday January 13, 2016

Webinar Overview

View Now!Global OEM mandates, Innovation from non-traditional sources, increasing product complexity, growing supplier responsibility for quality and continuous, unrelenting pressures to reduce program cost are impacting suppliers like never before. But, leading suppliers are fighting back with 3D Model-Based Enterprise strategies. What are these firms doing and how does your company measure up to the leaders?

The MBE Supply Chain connection is a universal challenge in Automotive, Aerospace and more. In this webinar we'll draw some examples from Automotive, but understand the discussion and the underlying tools discussed apply to all supply chain challenges.

Please see the YouTube video of this discussion and examples of how the MBE leaders are doing it, find out how you compare and learn what steps you can take to compete more effectively in the ever more complex, global automotive ecosystem.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What Model Based Enterprise is really all about
  • How your organization's MBE implementation stacks up against peer organizations
  • How MBE is generating huge benefits for leading automotive and other supply chain intensive companies
  • Specific examples of how manufacturers have addressed needs across a variety of business functions
  • How Anark and Geometric are transforming companies and their supply chains

To see the video of the webinar from January 13, 2016:

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