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Anark Adobe Webinar: Create, Author, Publish, and Consume

Reinventing design collaboration and data exchange

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A recent survey from LongView Advisors entitled "Collaboration & Interoperability Market Survey Analysis 2008" found that a substantial portion of respondents share more that 10,000 CAD files per month, and that large enterprises are estimated to share between 75,000 to 125,000 CAD files per month. In a separate survey from Harris Interative/Adobe entitled "Reinventing Collaboration Across Internal and External Project Teams," only 20% of respondents indicated that design collaboration was a satisfactory experience. These are astounding numbers.

Transforming CAD data from the PDM to the PDF

The Anark and Adobe joint webinar demonstrated new ways to drastically reduce costs and complexity when sharing data between OEM and supplier. In addition, we covered:

  • How to drastically reduce costs and complexity through automation
  • How to deploy a "PDF Factory" that will produce new PDFs whenever designs change
  • How to transform complex 3D CAD data sourced from the PDM into lightweight 3D PDFs
  • How to collaborate effectively with the free Adobe Reader and Adobe ConnectNow
  • How to exchange manufacture-quality b-rep models embedded within the secure PDF document

Problem: Hidden costs

Large enterprises exchange large volumes of CAD data. Consider an estimate of the costs involved in this scenario:

  • 5,000 files/month x 5 hours per file/week = 100,000 hours/month
  • 100,000 hours/month x 12 months = 1.2 million, hours
  • 1.2 million hours x $100/hour = $120 million lost per year

Solution: Automated 3D CAD transformation

A recent engagement involved converting complex Pro/ENGINEER assemblies for use within an online catalog featuring lightweight 3D models. Prior to working with Anark's solutions, the conversion and simplification process could take 4-12 hours per assembly and required a highly skilled 3D modeler to manually rebuild portions of the assembly that couldn't be simplified enough to meet the requirements of the catalog application. Anark Core benchmark test results for creating transformation recipes to relieve this bottleneck demonstrate significant cost savings:

  • Import 80 MB Pro/Engineer model into Anark Core Workstation
  • Default tessellation produces 524,000 polygons resulting in a 31 MB file
  • Delete small parts, hidden geometry, and other B-rep faces; optimize tessellation
  • Create DWG layer groups by restructuring assembly hierarchy
  • DWG file exported from Anark Core results in 40,000 polygons in a 1.5MB file
  • Total time to transform model: 15 minutes, resulting in a 20x reduction in file size
  • Automated processing when designs change via Anark Core Server: 30 seconds