Convert and Optimize CAD for OpenFlight

Convert and Optimize CAD for OpenFlight

Quickly and easily convert complex CAD models into OpenFlight

Drastically reduce development costs

Creating detailed and realistic models for use in real-time modeling, simulation, and training applications is a costly, labor-intensive process. The Anark Core Platform is the perfect tool for quickly simplifying and converting CAD data into lightweight mesh models. Unlike conventional tools and workflows, Anark Core automates the process of creating OpenFLight models, thereby drastically reducing asset-development and production lead times.

Create levels of detail with recipes

OpenFlight is the most widely adopted 3D Visualization format for real-time 3D visualization. Anark Core exports OpenFlight data using native OpenFlight Read/Write API's from Presagis, a leading provider of COTS modeling and simulation software solutions. By leveraging Anark Core's unique CAD transformation and simplification technology, application developers can create CAD transformation recipes for each level of detail (LOD) required to optimize model playback performance. Recipes created with Anark Core Workstation can then be deployed on Anark Core Server for automated CAD to OpenFlight processing each time the CAD model is changed or updated.

Anark Core: Quick and easy CAD simplification

Anark Core significantly reduces the time and cost associated with OpenFlight application development by recording all CAD model preparation steps into a "recipe" that can be automatically reapplied to CAD assemblies and models when design changes are submitted. Recording CAD model preparation and simplification tasks "captures the knowledge" and enables reapplication of these steps at any time, resulting in a predictable, efficient and error free business process.

Supported File Formats

Anark Core supports these file formats:

Import Formats

  • Adobe PDF .pdf
  • Adobe PRC .prc
  • Autodesk DWG (mesh) .dwg
  • Inventor .ipt, .iam
  • CATIA V4 .model, .session, .exp
  • CATIA V5 (visualization data) .CGR
  • IGES .igs, .iges
  • Siemens JT (Breps and mesh) .jt
  • NX (formerly Unigraphics) .prt
  • Parasolid .x_t, .x_b, .xmt_bin, .xmt_txt
  • Pro/ENGINEER .prt, .asm, .xpr, .xas
  • SolidWorks .sldprt, .sldasm
  • STEP .stp, .step
  • VDA .vda

Export Formats

  • Adobe PDF .pdf
  • Autodesk DWF .dwf
  • Autodesk DWG .dwg
  • Bitmaps .bmp, .gif, .jpg, png, tif
  • Dassault 3D XML .3dxml
  • COLLADA .dae
  • Siemens JT .jt
  • OpenFlight .flt
  • Parasolid .x_t, .x_b
  • STEP .step, .stp
  • VRML .wrl
  • X3D .x3d
  • XML .xml
  • Commas Separated Values .csv