Anark Core 3D MBE & Visual Communication Platform

Anark Core is an automated, easy to deploy, enterprise software platform that enables manufacturers to leverage valuable engineering design data and manufacturing information to deliver highly effective down-stream visual communication and collaboration applications and solutions.

Anark Core allows organizations to effectively reuse their 3D Product Definition content and Manufacturing Process content by automatically combining CAD-PLM with ERP-MES content through captured business rules to create context specific, graphically rich, manufacturing, inspection and supplier documents and applications for use throughout the enterprise and extended supply-chain.

Unite CAD/PLM & MES/ERP to Create Fit for Purpose MBE Documents

Anark Core 3D MBE & Visual Communication Platform

Unlike other PLM or ERP applications, Anark's platform does not require organizations to duplicate their CAD or PLM data within their ERP system, or their MES or ERP data within their PLM system, and it is the only authoring and publishing solution available today that can provide completely accurate, high fidelity 3D PDF and 3D HTML engineering release and manufacturing process documents from virtually any CAD, PLM, or ERP data source.

Unique Anark 3D MBE Advantages

  • Unites multiple sources of enterprise data (3D CAD, 2D Drawings, PLM/PDM, ERP, MES, SCM)
    Product Definition content and Manufacturing Process content are almost always stored in different database sources, flat files, excel spread sheets or in domain expert's knowledge of the process. Anark connects to all of these sources of enterprise content and transforms that content into enterprise specific process documents.
  • Has advanced but easy to use process authoring capabilities
    Capturing domain expert's process knowledge (such as manufacturing best practices, assembly, disassembly sequences, inspection setup is made easy with Anark's powerful yet easy to use animation user interface.
  • Recipe based and Query automation allows for context specific document generation and regeneration
    Anark has a powerful data filtration (query) and memorization (recipe) technologies which allow massive amounts of unnecessary and unwanted content to be filtered out before the process documents are generated. This allows for pinpoint accuracy in selecting only the content required for a specific process requirement making these documents extremely lightweight and "fit for purpose."
  • 3D Product Fidelity maintained including accurate, trustworthy 3D MBD data
    Anark's highly accurate transformation of native 3D CAD and PLM data is accomplished through the CAD and PLM systems native APIs. Anark uses the same software tool kits that the CAD/PLM software teams use when creating their own CAD Native applications. On the document creation side, Anark uses native Adobe PDF and Open Standard HTML5 APIs. This ensures that "what you see" in the 3D CAD system is "what you will get" in Anark created process documents.
  • Deployed on Free and Open "Template" based Platforms (3D PDF & 3D HTML)
    Anark process documents are created with "open-standard" 3D PDF and 3D HTML template technologies. This means that you control the look, feel and behavior of the 3D CAD, PLM, ERP and MES data contained within your process documents. Unlike other software systems where your CAD, PLM or ERP vendor controls the look and feel of your data (like in hardcoded 3D viewers) an Anark generated 3D PDF or HTML document can be changed over-night to accommodate a new process being deployed by your enterprise, while other vendor software may take months or years to incorporate a change that your enterprise needs now.